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Repair Policy
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Pick-up & or drop off items for Repair:

There is an initial charge of $60.00 minimum on all repair where parts are required to fix the computer system.

Repair Estimate Approved

The initial deposit will be subtracted from your total as per your the customer repair estimate approval. We will order parts (if necessary) to fix the computer and notify you (phone, email, text) when your computer is ready pick up or delivery.

All repairs made at or by Carsan Computer Inc. (CCI) are subject to picked up no later than 60 Days.
Failure to pick up your computer system etc. within the
60 Day time frame will result in the item being recycled and or donated to a charity.

If the value of the repair was high, the left behind item will be sold to cover the costs of repair. Should the consumer give notice within the
60 Days time frame, that their product is ready for pickup/delivery and a down payment/deposit was made to cover repairs and the custome requests more time, CCI will extend customer pick-up by 30 Days.

If at any time a customer should fail to pick up a computer system etc. CCI will make a back-up of the customer data and hold it for a period of
30 Days after the 60 Days pickup/delivery time expired. The customer can claim their personal files at a cost $45.00. After 30 Days if the files are still not claimed they will be destroyed permanently for customer privacy.

If you choose not to have your computer repaired it will be your responsibility to pick up and disposed of according to local e-waste standards within 15 Days. Otherwise there will be a charge of $15.00. The balance of your initial deposit will be refund to you.




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