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Our rates and pricing vary depending on the type of service and or project work being done. These are our general guidelines for pricing* ( 13% HST.)

These new prices go into effect Sept, 2019

See Limited Service Warranty for details..

On-Site Service (exclude server based)
Computer Repair & Support, per hour
Remote Repair & Support
90% of all computer problems can be fixed using Remote Support. minimum 1 hour.
In-Shop Service & Deposit

There is an initial charge of $60.00 mininum on all repair where parts are required to fix the computer system.

Repair Estimate Approved

The initial deposit will be subtracted from your total as per your the customer repair estimate approval. We will order parts (if necessary) to fix the computer and notify you (phone, email, text) when your computer is ready pick up or delivery. You will have 60 Days to pick up or have delivery of your computer once the repair is completed. Important please see Repair Policy...

If you choose not to have your computer repaired it will be your responsibility to pick up and disposed of according to local e-waste standards within 15 Days. Otherwise there will be a charge of $15.00. The balance of your initial deposit will be refund to you.

In-Shop Services (Free pick up and drop off up to 25km)

Service for Laptop & Desktop
Format Hard Drive and Reinstall Windows
Format Hard Drive and Reinstall Windows and Backup Files
Extensive virus scan and removal (repair security, firewall, registry and software errors caused by) viruses, spyware rootkits and other malware
Ransomware removal from..
Backup Files (documents, pictures, music, emails, etc.)
New Computer Set-up and Files Backup
Add on Devices (Hard Drive, Optical Drive, Video Card, Wireless Card, etc.)
Windows Password Reset
Hard Drive Cleaning (what you should know before you throw-out your old Hard Drive)
Solve software problem without formatting Hard Drive (conditions apply)

(prices not including cost of parts or software)

Data Transfer form old to new PC!
If your old PC is not functional but the hard drive is readable, it is still possible to transfer the data files. Programs cannot be transferred, they need to be reinstalled on the new PC.

See Services Description for details read more..

Laptop Repair
Fix Loose or Broken Laptop DC Power Jack or Power On Switch
Motherboard problem (no power, power shut down, no display, liquid spill etc.) from...
Fix Overheating & Shut Down
LCD Screen Replacement, Starting from...
Broken Hinges Replacement from...
Keyboard Replacement, Starting from...
Backup Files (documents, pictures, music, emails)

(Parts included except Graphics Chip or CPU)

Loose or Broken DC Power Jack:
This is one of the most common problem with laptops. When this happens, it may appear that the laptop is dead or your AC adapter is not working. See laptop repair for more..

Mac Repair
LCD Screen Replacement
Glass Replacement
Other Service & Support, Starting from

Data Recovery
We will make an attempt to recover your data. Call for a free estimate. Starting from
Other Services
Flat rate 1 hour minimum


Drop off or pick up your computer by appointment

* Please keep in mind that these are pricing guidelines and that they are subject to change at anytime solely at the discretion of Carsan Computer Inc.

*Backing up your data or software

Computers are complicated machines and although we take all reasonable precautions, files can be lost simply by doing routine work. You acknowledge and agree that it is your sole responsibility to back up all software and data that is stored on your computer's hard drive(s) and/or any other storage devices you have before we provide any services to you.

If for some reason you cannot back-up your data, we can do this for you for a fee as part of our services. If you choose not to back-up your data, either yourself or through us, you do so at your own risk and agree that we will not be responsible at any time for any loss, alteration or corruption of data or files relating, either directly or indirectly from the provision of our services.


All prices are in Canadian Currency. Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. Logos and trademarks are copyright and the property of their respective owners. Carsan Computer Inc. is not responsible for typographical errors. Price shown doesn't include tax.
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