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Virus, Trojans, Spyware Removal & Cleaning

Clean your computer of viruses, rootkits, spyware and pop-ups. Repair security, registry and software errors etc. Update your existing internet security. If required, install Free Anti Virus Suite at no extra cost.

Computer Tune-Up

Remove unwanted/unnecessary programs free up space and defragment hard drive. Quick virus, spyware scan. Check system memory (RAM) to see if you additional memory will increase performance. Note: User will have to purchase additional memory (RAM). Analyse your computer start up to see if changes are needed to improve the performance.

Wireless Network & Internet Setup

Connect your router to the internet. Establish a secure wireless network. Connect devices to your wireless router. Share an existing and functional printer between your computers if required.

Software Installation

If required, remove an older version of your software. Install software packages on your computer. Test them to make sure they are working properly. If your software requires updates, we will download and install these for you.

Hardware Installation

Install hardware on your computer such as an internal hard drive or memory chip or external device such as a , printer, scanner, digital camera or wireless devices.

Windows Installation with Data Backup

Backup up your data. Install Windows Operating System including updates and service packs. Install all Hardware Drivers.

PC Health Check M.O.T

The PC MOT (Maintenance-Overhaul-Tune) is a full health check for your computer. Don't treat your computer as a plug-in appliance that doesn’t need ongoing service. If you see dust or other debris accumulating around the vents of your desktop or laptop, you can bet there's more inside read more.

Data Recovery

Recover data from faulty Hard Drive to external media or your computer or laptop.

Computer and Laptop Repairs

Diagnose your computer finding the cause of any crashes, lock-ups, unusual slowness or other issues. If required, remove viruses or spyware. If required, repair or re-install your operating system and applications.

New Computer Setup

Received a new computer or broadband modem, but not sure how to set it up... or afraid to take it out of the box. read more.

Network and Internet Repairs

Troubleshoot your existing home or business network to find out what’s going wrong. Make sure your network and internet connection is working. This service is charge by the hour.

Hardware/Software Repairs

Diagnose what is going wrong with your computer’s hardware or software. If required, sell and replace a faulty hardware. If required, reinstall any faulty software.

Hard Drive Cleaning

Destroy absolutely all data on your computer’s hard drive leaving it squeaky clean before you recycle your computer.

Independent Advise

Need advice about upgrading or solutions for your home or small business? We will provide advice and consulting to suit your individual needs.

Computer Training

We will visit your home or office for all your Computer Training needs.Call for details.

Small Business Server Support

We will visit your office to install, repair, troubleshoot or configure Small Business Server. This service is billable by the hour.

Other Services charged at hourly rates






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