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New Computer Setup

Received a new computer or broadband modem, but not sure how to set it up... or afraid to take it out of the more

Computer Advice

Don't treat your computer as a plug-in appliance that doesn’t need ongoing more..

Why Should You Have A UPS Battery Backup?

You only need to have an AC power surge once to mess up your entire life's work on a computer. The precious time that you spend compiling important information could be lost in one split second;read more..

Computer Health Check M.O.T ( (Maintenance-Overhaul-Tune)

Noisy or Dusty Computer Can Lead to Expensive Service Problems
Down the more..

Hard Drive Cleaning

Are you afraid that your personal information will be used or stolen after you throw your old computer away?read more..

Beware of: Microsoft, Bell or Rogers Support Scam

If you receive a telephone call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft, Bell or Rogers, saying that your computer has been infected or broadcasting viruses or has generated an error report and they are calling to resolve it. Hang up the phone immediately, it's a scam! Microsoft, Bell or Rogers Technical Support never make unsolicited telephone calls. These scammers will try to get you to go to a web site or to run a program to help diagnose or fix the fictitious problem, but it is really to enable them to take control of your computer so they can steal personal information, credit card details, banking information, or passwords.

It is not uncommon for Windows to have problems and to offer to send problem reports to Microsoft. If you are having problems with your computer or suspect that it may have a virus, you do the calling. Call a local computer tech whose identity, credentials and location can be verified through a telephone call that you make. We also recommend that you undo whatever they have you do during the call, by running System Restore. Select a restore date and time that pre-dates the call.

Computer Technical Terms

Here are some definitions of common “computer‐speak” terms for your more..

AntiVirus Information

Looking for an Antivirus solution, or maybe to see how your current removal program rates? Check out this independent comparative website:

Here is a sites that offer free online antivirus scans:

Trend Secure

Free Antivirus

Avast Home Edition
AVG Free Anti-Virus



Data Backup

Mozy - offsite, 2GB free
Carbonite - offsite, free trial
Second Copy - onsite, free trial








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