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Broken or Cracked LCD Screen:
We can replace your broken or cracked LCD panel. We carry a wide selection of LCD panels.

DC Power Jack Loose or Broken:
This is one of the most common problem with laptops. When this happens, it may appear that the laptop is dead or your AC adapter is not working. In most case the connector requires soldering or replacement to fix the problem.

Dead Motherboard (No power)
A dead motherboard can mean a lot of things. The repair process required the testing of components to locate the source of the problem.

Overheating & Shutting Down:
Heat is the enemy of electrical components “Don't treat your computer as a plug-in appliance that doesn’t need ongoing service” If the cooling fans stop working, or too much dust gets in the heatsink assembly, your laptop components will run at a higher temperature. When the processor temperature threshold is reached the laptop will shutdown to prevent damage.

Dim LCD Screen:
A dim LCD screen usually means a bad inverter or LCD screen. The inverter is a device that connects the video card and the LCD panel. The inverter and or LCD will have to be replaced.

Keyboard Replacement:
Spilled liquid, keyboard not working. Keyboards must be replaced not repaired.

Broken Hinge(s):
A broken, cracked, tight, loose or warn out hinge assemble can result in physical damage to the laptop over time.


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