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Don't Wait for Disaster to Happen Before Acting

  • If you suspect something is wrong with your computer equipment, do the prudent thing and have it checked out by a professional.

Computers do Not Fix Themselves

  • If you have a problem with your system and these problems seems to go away you may be surprised when they show up again at an even less opportune time. Have things looked at while they are still minor inconveniences.

Seek Advice and / or Help from Someone Who Does it for A Living

  • Your wiz kid son, nephew, cousin or neighbour will always be quick with free advice. Unless they do this for a living this kind of advice is not worth very much. They don't have to stand behind what they say. WE DO.

We Want and Need Your Business

  • We want your business and will always do our best to show you that we do. Typically a relationship develops with our clients where we are called upon to answer their technical questions long after the original sales or service. We provide this service gladly.

Don't Try a Forced Start

  • If your computer does not start after the second try
    DO NOT KEEP TRYING... THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG . It's NOT like trying to start a car on a cold winter morning.. The more you try , the more damage you could be doing.

Noises from inside the computer are BAD NEWS

  • If you hear noises coming from inside your computer turn it off right away and call us to have it checkout. Noises can mean anything from moderate to serious trouble.


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