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One of the most important aspects of your computer aside from the hardware itself is the data it holds - music, digital pictures, school and work documents, personal correspondence, financial records etc., are now common place on most of us hard drives. A hard drive is not a very reliable piece of hardware by itself, however, and if you have important information on your computer, then you should have some form of backup solution. Ask us - We're Here To Help You!

The backup options available to you generally fall into one of two categories, manual or automatic. Most users backup their files manually, if at all, and while a manual backup is fine in theory, few individuals are able to sustain such a system consistently for any significant period of time. Generally we recommend an automatic backup system. See Figure A

Backup software cost approx. $89, however most hard drive manufacturer of external hard drive include backup software.
Online backup solution is an easy and inexpensive way to do this, with monthly cost as little as $2 and without any action on my part.







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